Shooting Dark Horses 'Live on Hunger' Music Film

Shooting Dark Horses 'Live on Hunger' Music Film

ken eakins:

Ken Eakins is an experienced video editor and videographer based out of Brighton, and London in the United Kingdom. 

He began his career editing for news websites like CNET, Yahoo, and more independent outfits like DisInfo, and SittingNow. Whilst at university, Ken took the film extension in his final year, and was enlightened in the dark arts of camera operation, and cinematic editing techniques. This would go on to haunt his journalistic career, and his bank account as cameras and home editing equipment became more affordable for the budding freelancer. 

Wishing to expand his horizons, and scratch his creative itch, he began working on more creative projects, teaming up with directors Luke Losey, Toby Aimes, and WIZ on various music film projects, and branched out on his own as a freelance 'one man band'. This saw him working on high concept projects such as Dark Horses' 'Live on Hunger', a dark and broody projection piece, and Paul Hartnoll's (Orbital) 'The Clock' with Hollywood actor Cillian Murphy. 

Ken is currently developing a short film of his own entitled 'Signals', and a series of short films with Luke Losey to promote 'Subject 8'. He also works as a freelance editor, and videographer on a freelance basis, often hired to fulfil both roles. 

Ken has also formed a small production company with Jody Moller of Glasslight Film and Television called 'BrightonAV', in the hope to bring higher quality production values to the local area. 

Outside of Hanged Man and Brighton AV, Ken is a keen photographer with a nerdish obsession with post-war Brutalist and International style Architecture, he keenly collects pretentious Italian films from the 70s on BluRay, and likes to go on holiday to DisneyWorld, Rome, and Florence whenever humanly possible.